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Corporate Events

CorpCORPORATE EVENTS are the backbone of business entertainment for both Corporate Clients and Employees. GOLDEN PRODUCTIONS offers a wide array of choices for those involved in Corporate Event planning. Starting with the favorite entertainment for large Corporate Events and Trade Shows for many decades, the Game Show leads the way. Offering up shows where dozens of people can participate in a short amount of time, the sophisticated computerization and large screen presentation of such favorites as “Wheel Of Fortune”, “Jeopardy”, “Deal Or No Deal” and many more allow the Corporate Planner a wide variety of choices within this one entertainment type.

When one thinks of “Big Business”, one’s mind eventually goes to such business magnets as Vegas or Atlantic City. Let GOLDEN PRODUCTIONS bring these dazzling cities to you. Casino Events are among the most popular in the corporate entertainment arena. Black Jack, Craps, Roulette, Texas Hold ‘Em, etc. can all be placed within a single venue, backed by a top notch DJ and lighting, this is a party that your guests or employees are not likely to forget.

For those companies looking for something a little different for their employees, TEAM BUILDING events may be your answer. We offer the wildly popular challenges of the “Minute To Win It” television show. From the simplest challenge to the downright impossible, “Minute to Win It” beats all comers in team building fun. This can help bring employees together in an atmosphere of cooperation, enlightenment and fun!

When holidays come upon us, themes become important. Whether you are planning an event for Christmas, Chanukah, Fourth of July, New Years or any of the dozens of other holidays in the calendar, nothing says “good planning” quite like a theme party. We can customize your event with music for any occasion, and along with our own unique services and those of our many affiliated companies, we can customize the look and activities to “Make Your Theme Come True”!