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At Golden Productions it is a combination of experience, proper DJ selection, training, top notch equipment and musical collections, and an "Entertainment" style of professional DJ services and entertainment. That last one may raise a few eyebrows.

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DJ Neil Goldberg

What is “Entertainment” style? To answer that we must first talk about the standard DJ. The standard, good quality DJ thinks about, amongst other things, the look and sound of their equipment, the size of their collection and the length and price of each gig. Truthfully, Neil is concerned with the very same things.

What sets the “Entertainment” style apart from the norm? As you might guess, from just from the name, the “Entertainment” style DJ has a heavy background in entertainment as well as a vast musical knowledge. But utilizing that entertainment background is a skill set that only the well trained can accomplish. Deejays that fancy themselves entertainers have a tendency to become “The Show.”

In certain cases, like theme parties, private parties and the like, this can be a very good thing. But when it comes to large scale events such as those with many attendees, and other such occasions, “smart” hosting is required.

The well trained “Entertainment” DJ has the skill to use entertainment to keep the focus on the guests, or in the case that somebody is being honored (Birthdays, etc.) keeping the focus of the Guest of Honor and not on themselves. Entertaining the event guests and having them concentrate more on those being honored at the affair and not on the host is something that only the proper training can accomplish.

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